Wednesday, 8 February, 2012

Something Old with Something New...

Hey lovlies, hope you'll have taken part in our giveaway,if not then you can do it here.
Now as mentioned earlier we had a blast at the Kala Ghoda Festival over the weekend.Here are some more images from that day.Also we were really happy to be shooting in a new location,being none other than Asiatic Library in Fort.The place was just perfect with almost no one around and sun shining brightly upon us!
We are totally in love with the place and are definetly gonna give it another visit!!So you can expect some more posts in the same place!:D.
(Another day with both of us in skirts!!:P)
This is a picture heavy post......

Now onto the outfits...

R decided to wear the neon trend with a neon shirt and skirt
Previously worn this shirt here.


Skirt-H&M,Shirt-AJ Store,Bag-Zara,Chappals-Hill Rd,Bangles-Colaba,Ring-Forever New 

L decided to wear the pastel trend with a pastel pink skirt and shirt
Previously worn this shirt here

Skirt-Forever New,Shirt-Maxx,Shoes-Aiva,Bag-Westside,Glares-Vintage,Jewellery-Assorted.

We were really excited with the new location and made the most of it. 
Hope you'll like it too.
Any Feedback is much appreciated..
Untill next time...

P.S.If you'll have any suggestions/requests for posting options we would be happy to consider.


  1. I like the outfits...especially neon shirt and polka dot bag :)

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  2. Like your styling :)U both rock !!! It will be great if we can get connected. If it sounds interesting, check my blog and keep providing ur valuable feedback . I would really like to follow u . All the best :)

  3. Loving the skirt and shirt trend! You guys absolutely amazing! (hope it interests you).


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