Sunday, 5 February, 2012


  hey all the lovely girls... we are having our very first giveaway and it is a Glossybox giveaway....

GLOSSYBOX is the leading international e-­‐commerce service aimed at introducing discerning users to new and highly sought-­‐after beauty and cosmetic products. Each month, hundreds of thousands of women around the world eagerly await the delivery of their GLOSSYBOX, to find out just what the box contains for them –luxurious products for the recipient to try in the comfort of their home, away from the cramped, rushed environment of a cosmetics counter at a department store.



To win the give-away all you have to do is follow the following steps...
1. like our facebook page here
2. follow our blog 
3. and lastly answer the simple question-

''What is the funkiest beauty product you have owned/tried on?''

so all you lovely girls.... send in your answers soon....

last day for entries- 25 February 2012..


  1. Hello Fashion Daily,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog.Now I follow your blog via GFC and also liked your page on facebook.

    My funkiest ever beauty product is a red lipstick.Boring,you say?But hey!I come from a rather humble place and experimenting much isn't an option here.So yes,bold Red lips is the funkiest I have been.Also,cat glasses.

    *fingers crossed*.

    Much love

  2. hii fashion daily..
    love ur blog,ur posts are really cute... n since i work a lot, hav no tym, u gals keep me updated abt latest fashion trends,.thanku n way to go girls..:):)
    Needless to say.. dat i hav been a sincere follower of ur blog:)
    Hmm.. so my funkiest evr beauty product would be a mettalic blue kajal and a mettalic blue eye shadow with mettalic blue nail paint also:) these three combos are partyy rockerss girls...

  3. hii fashion daily
    the funkiest beauty product i own is a black clrd lipstick, i bought it specially to scare ma sweet hubby at night ;p;p
    GFC username: Prerana kedia
    nd liked ur Fb page too

    1. Hi Prerana thank you for participating.For you entry to be valid you have to follow the blog as well.

  4. Hey!! :) I have followed your blog since long! :) And now have liked it on Facebook too!! <3

    The funkiest beauty product that i have owned is a hot pink eye shadow!! :) I love it so much! It's perfect for a party where you want to look funky and chic but at the same time different!! :D <3
    Love it!


    P.S. --- New post on my blog! :) Do take a look for sure and leave a comment if you like. I would really appreciate it! *KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED!*

  5. Hey L & R...
    Funkiest beauty products I have owned till now are Purple Lipstick, Metallic Silver Eyeshadow, Fluorescent Blue & Black Nailpaints..

    Keep Posting...
    Best Wishes

  6. Where have you guys been hiding? I am so sorry that I found you guys now.You are the new Fashionistas on my list ^_^ Love those cool outfits which you have featured across the blog.I am surely gonna try for you awesome giveaway :D

    Well the Funkiest beauty product I have owned till now is nothing in particular.I actually combine products to give a funky effect when required.
    Any basic Kohl + Eyeliner + Cool funky eye color palette + Out of the box Lip colors are things which bring out the Funky in me ;)

    I am your new and forever follower :D
    I am also following you guys on Facebook now via Apurva Saxena

    You guys are rocking :D
    My name : Apurva
    My email :

  7. Hello Fashionista's :D
    Just new to your blog. You know one of those silent follower who reads up all your blogs but seems lazy to comment. ( I know its not healthy enough) Sorry for that.
    Women's Day Resolution - Will Comment on the blogs and updates regularly & come out of my slumberness.
    Okaayyy now coming back to the give away here are a Here are some makeup essentials that I personally use & feel are important.

    1.The orange lipstick is back!No matter what the Spring/Summer 2012 trend reports say, an orange lipstick can always brighten up your face.I prefer this lipstick over any colour as it gives you that effortlessly chic look.Pair it up with winged eyeliner or even no eye makeup will do (Bright lips + subtle eye makeup).
    (These are some of the lipsticks which I also use )

    -Femme(Nyx round lipsticks)
    -Fire-(Nyx round lipsticks)
    -My mahogany (Maybelline)
    -Cherries in the snow (Revlon)
    -Windsor Rose (Maybelline)

    I believe this compact works well for any skin type, I wouldn’t trade it for any other
    compact in the world. Like I said I have oily/combination skin which is really
    sensitive and this is the first compact to completely agree with my skin.
    Overall I think this compact really works well to brighten my skin. It’s done well for me
    so far. It feels like a second skin and is just the right product to use everyday. I just apply
    it quick when I’m on my way out looking clear, fresh and practically spotless.
    With everything been said, I love this compact and would buy it time and time again, I
    can truly say it’s a perfect match.

    3.FOUNDATIONS : Of course i do not use all these foundations mentioned below together.I prefer using the BB cream or any foundation with a light coverage on a daily basis.I also love to mix two foundations together to get the perfect shade for my skin tone.

    -Revlon colorstay foundation in Warm Golden (Medium to heavy coverage)
    -Revlon photoready foundation in Medium Beige (Medium coverage)
    -Lakme invisible foundation in Shade 2 (Light coverage)
    -Skin 79 BB Cream (Medium coverage)

    & the list goes on..
    Do recommend me some beauty products as I did love to experiment :)
    Lots of love&hugs,

    ps- Have followed all instructions for the contest!


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