Friday, 16 December, 2011


          Hello everyone.....what a bright and sunny day!!
This turned out to be one of those unplanned days which turn out to be a lot of fun!!
We were actually headed for lunch to the new Hometown Cafe in juhu,when we decided to give lunch a miss and take a stroll on the beach.The beach was almost calling out to us.
As we were walking down the beach we started taking pictures and it so turned out that it was a picture-perfect day!The sunlight was just perfect to get some good shots and so we did.
It was very calm and peaceful as the place was not crowded and for once we didn't have curious onlookers.
All-in-all it was an awesome noon spent at the beach!(Although we weren't dressed right for it).
If any of you do plan to head there we would strongly suggest going between 11 30am to 1 00pm.

And now onto the pictures.......
P.S. This is not an outfit post.



We had an amazing time on the beach and enjoyed the sunlight a lot.
Tell us how you would spend a day on the beach and what you like the most about it.
You can give us some feedback by emailing,commenting or talking to us on Facebook.
Untill next time....


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