Friday, 2 December, 2011


 Hey lovlies... we had been wanting to go shopping for a while now and what better place to start with than a mall.So today we decided to go to the much talked about INFINITY 2 at Malad.We were totally mesmerised by the place and all the amazing brands it had to offer.It was like paradise!!

We went there along with a friend (lets call her S). The place is huge,spread over 5 floors and took us 5 hours to cover!Phew!
So we started off by having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen(yumm!!)and dessert at MOD and R and S oogling at the main attraction ,'The Roller Coaster'.!!(Yes a roller coaster inside a mall!!Near the food court area).As much as they wanted to go for a ride,they couldn't because they were wearing dresses!!:P

We must tell you'll that we were roaming around the place like mad women,cause it kept getting better at every step!Shop after Shop!!As much as we tried our best to not indulge,we couldn't resist ourselves!(well its a mall,who wouldn't shop there!!)
Anyhow,so in short we had a fun filled day full of shopping and eating,we will be back with an outfit post soon.
Untill then

p.s. we will try and show you'll what we shopped for soon!


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