Wednesday, 14 September, 2011

Sun after rain....:D

 Finally it was warm and sunny after the rains... so we decided to have our skirt day out!
The day started off with us making a very bad decision and going for BODYGAURD, morning show!!!!
Please trust us on this ,"It is not a movie", its torture!!! We actually came out halfway through the movie.
And thankfully it was sunny not raining or else it would have been a waste of a day.It was such a relief to be out in the sun and have a good time doing the shoot without the rain playing spoiler.
We found this school nearby which had red and yellow walls and thought that it was perfect for the shoot.
And it went perfectly with the weather.

                          R decided to go semi-formal with her look.

            Shirt- Lokhandwala market, Skirt - Zara , 
        Shoes - Random store,Bag - H&M,

L decided to go for a high waist skirt

                        Tshirt - Kappa, Skirt - Colaba, Bag - Vintage,
             Shoes - Paprika

We had a lot of fun doing this shoot (after a major fiasco),   hope you'll are basking in the sun while it lasts?!?!

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