Wednesday, 21 September, 2011


This was a totally unplanned shoot, we finished our lunch fast and got out during lunch. L had her camera in her car ,so we  decided to hunt for a place and get our pics clicked.
As this was spontaneous we are not in themed clothes , we are just wearing normal everyday clothes, but coincidentally both of us ended up wearing red and so we called this day 

When L got out of her house in the morning, it was pouring heavily and hence the black pleated knee length skirt and (her very favourite) gumboots. 
Later in the day it got sunny and L still had to move around in her gumboots and bear with weird stares from people around. To match with the gumboots she chose a peach colour tee.

tee- bossini, skirt- from bangkok, gumboots- imagine, lokhandwala market

R chose the perfect outfit for summers.
She decided to go for a loose shirt and linen pants but mixed it with a little touch of our very own Indian style.

shirt- zara, linen pants- gifted by someone ,
glares- dads old carrera (vintage) ,jootis- milan mall, bag- ahmedabad, ring- spain, kadas- mums

So we have told you all about how we had fun. 
We loved it, hope you all liked it too...


  1. L , love your gum boots! They look so cute! And R, such an easy breezy summery outfit.. looks so comfy!

  2. aw...thanx a lot girlatfirstavenue from both of us-R nad L. we are new to the blogging world, ur comment means a lot.


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