Monday, 26 September, 2011

Happy polka day !

Hello lovlies,so today we celebrated Polka Day !!! Today also happens to be one month since we started this blog and it feels really good to have made it so far(even though its just 30 days means a lot ),We will do a post in that regard soon until then here about this post.
It so happened that both of us came to wear polka dots today(like i had said earlier this happens more often than you can think).Polka dots are very much in vogue again and we thought we should reinvent this fashion trend.Both of us have styled our clothes very differently as you will see in the pictures below.
Now getting on with our day,we were really excited today cause we were going to watch Mausam in the evening!!!!
Shahid is one our favourite actors and Sonam is someone who's fashion sense both of us admire and love!!
And in our opinion Shahid and Sonam Kapoor make a very hot couple and should totally get married.Please let us know if you'll feel the same!
The movies first half was really good and entertaining whereas the second half was a bit of a drag.
But if you are a Shahid Kapoor fan like us then you will tend to forget about that and enjoy it nevertheless.
They have both acted really well and its really nice how the love story lives through all the hardships they face.All in all we give it 3 star rating and would recommend you'll to go ahead and watch it and tell us how you'll liked it!

Now onto the outfits,

L wanted to show off her bright new pumps so decided to go for a subtle look with a polka dotted shirt and jeggings.

Shirt-Max, Jeggings-AllenSolly, Pumps -Carlton London,Belt-Lokhandwala,Purse  pendant-Lokhandwala,Butterfly pendant-Accesorize,Glares-Gifted by R.(H&M)

R decided to go for a school girl look with a  box pleated skirt and a polka dotted top

Skirt- Zara,Top-Vero Moda,Wedges-Random exhibition, Bangles-Westside and colaba,Belt-Lokhandwala,Elephant pendant-Imagine,Watch-Esprit,Ring-Spain,Glares-Dad's Vintage Carrera.

Watch this space for our one month birthday post!!!!
until then 



  1. Both of you are gorgeous.. i'm a big fan of polka dots.. lovin your blog :)


  2. hey hasini thnx a lot!
    welcome to our blog!

  3. I like your bright red pumps L! And the purse pendant is so cute!
    Love love R's top!

  4. love the collection of neckpieces! really nice:)
    and congrats on completing one month in Blogosphere... happy one-month-anniversary!!


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